How to delete a YouTube account

The process for delete a YouTube account is simple. We provide you with the information and the necessary link to do so.

Before you start the process of disabling or deleting a YouTube account you need to have the open session of the profile to disable or delete. This is enough to get into our account.

We tell you that carrying out this process will only eliminate your YouTube channel, not the Google + profile or the page linked to the channel.  Performing will not delete the Google account you use to log in. If you want to delete your Google associated account we recommend that you click here.

It is important that you decide between temporarily hide the channel or delete it because you have both possibilities. Once you have logged on to the channel you want to delete or hide, you must access “settings”, then click “Overview” and press “advanced options”.

Then you have to select the option “Delete channel” (or “delete content”, according to LEAs on screen) and click on “I want to hide my Channel” (or “I want to hide my content” as read on screen), check the necessary boxes and click on “Hide My Channel” again.

In the case of deciding to eliminate the process is similar, ie once you have reached the “advanced options” you will see the option “Delete channel” (or “delete content”, according to read on screen), select and then click “I want to permanently delete my Content “then click” Delete My Channel “(or” delete my content “, according to read on screen one thing or another)

To carry out these processes of dismissing or hiding your channel on Youtube we provide this link:

You will be asked to indicate the reason why you want to delete the channel and then you must confirm it.

How to delete a YouTube account
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