How to delete a Facebook account

The process for delete a Facebook account is simple. We provide you with the necessary links for this.

Before you start the process of disabling or deleting a Facebook account you need to have the open session of the profile to disable or delete.

This is enough to get into our account.

To delete a Facebook account, the social platform allows you to choose between two options, as happens in other social networks such as Instagram, these options are: Permanently delete your account or simply disable it.

We recommend that you consult all the information before taking any action in the following link:

To proceed to a temporary deactivation of a profile just follow some instructions, are not complicated but you have to click on some options to complete the deactivation.

Go to your account and click on the “Settings” option, then go to the “Security” menu and then look for the last option that is “Disable Account”, click on “Edit” and answer the questions by checking the appropriate boxes. Finally click on “Off” and confirm.

We leave the link for you to access quickly:

If on the contrary you have decided to delete your Facebook account you can definitely do it following the instructions of Facebook that appear after the click of the following link that we facilitate you.

This process also involves some steps such as re-entering your password and responding to some security issue:

Once you have followed the instructions to delete your account you must not re-login for two weeks or the account would be activated again.

How to delete a Facebook account
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