How to delete an Instagram account

The process for delete an Instagram account is straightforward. We provide you with the information and the necessary link to do so.

Before you start the process of disabling or deleting an Instagram account you need to have the Open profile session to disable or delete. This is enough to get into our account.

If you prefer, before you definitively uncheck your Instagram account you can temporarily turn it off. As happens in other social networks, like Twitter or Facebook, this process can not be carried out from a mobile device, but you have to do it from a computer accessing directly to the website of Instagram and click on the option “edit”, the profile, once there Click on the “temporarily disable my Account” button.

If you want to delete the account permanently you can click on this link:

The first question they will ask you is why do you want to delete your account? You will be asked to re-enter your password and then click on the “delete my Account permanently” button.

Instagram alerts you that the user name will never be used again.

How to delete an Instagram account
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