How to delete an Apple account

The process of delete an Apple account is not easy. We provide you with the information and links necessary to do so.

Before you begin the process of deleting an Apple account it is necessary to have the open session of the profile to be deactivated or erased. This is enough to access our account.

Deleting an Apple ID account is not easy. In fact it is not possible to complete the process from the account settings itself. In the final step you should contact the Apple Technical Service.

It is important to know that after deleting the account will lose access to all associated services (ICloud) and also to purchases made, both those that have been made in itunes and the App Store.

The first thing is to access the Apple account. You can do it through the Next button.

Once you have accessed and logged in with your Apple account you must click on the “Edit” button located in the “Account” section. Then you must close/delete the additional emails you have associated. To do this, access the option “Localizable in” and click on the X that appears next to the email address. In the dialog box that appears, confirm the action by clicking on “Delete”.

Once this is done, you need to create a security PIN. To do this you must click on the “Support PIN” icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on “Generate PIN”, save the four digit code that appears on the display and finally click on “OK”.

To complete the action of deleting the account definitively, it is necessary to contact the Apple Technical Service through a telephone call (free) in which you will have to facilitate the PIN number obtained. The appropriate number will be found on the Apple contact page. You can access it through this link:

If you do not want to delete the Apple account definitively, you can leave it inactive and unlink the associated devices. It is sufficient to modify the account’s personal information (emails, payment information, etc.), with the least possible data or alternative data. In the same way you must access the section “Devices”, click on the name and finally on delete.

Remember to also disable subscriptions to stop receiving emails. Finally, don’t forget to go to “logout”.

By doing this the account will not be deleted definitively and you will still have access to the purchases and the information associated to ICloud but you will not be able to make purchases until you enter the real data again.

How to delete an Apple account
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