Delete an account with a single click

What is EliminarTuCuenta.com?

It is a service that facilitates and guides you in the process of undoing an account of any online service you no longer want to have.

How does it work?

The process for deleting an account is very simple. Simply choose and/or find the name of the service you want to uncheck and follow the steps that we explain. The service has been divided by themes so that, using the top menu, you can quickly access the digital platform you are looking for.

Can I use the search engine?

Yes, you can find the service you are looking for using the search engine that appears at the top. Simply enter the name of the service, Web, profile or application you want to delete and it will take you to the corresponding information.

What kind of visa service?

In the informative content that we show you within each digital platform, it is indicated whether you can definitively delete the account. In addition, the most appropriate clarifications about the process are made and, what is more important, a direct link is provided (provided that the service allows it) so that you can access directly to the screen that includes the option of Baja.

If the platform cannot be disallowed what happens?

This can happen as there are cases where developers do not allow it to do directly through their website.
If it is not possible to Uncuena definitively the usual thing is that you can disable or block it. In these cases, we also provide you with all the information and the direct link to the appropriate option.

Are some platforms missing that I want to unground?

Currently we have the most demanded digital platforms and all that make the elimination process more difficult. If you want us to include some that is not yet available, send us an email InfoElim[YaSabes]inarTuCuenta.com.

Are you going to expand the volume of available platforms?

Yes. We work daily to incorporate the most requested digital spaces by our users.