Delete an account with a single click

Who we are

EliminarTuCuenta.com is a free Web service of Help to the user that aims to facilitate the operation of eliminating an account or profile of an Internet service that does not want to continue using.

On many occasions are platforms that we handle on a daily basis but often are social networks and services that we no longer use and that annoy us with their emails, messages in networks, etc.

We all know that something that should be a simple and fast operation always becomes a cumbersome and complicated process.

Moreover, because of laziness, carelessness, ignorance or the difficulty involved, we do not eliminate the accounts that we do not use.

What is the best solution? Take advantage of the facilities offered by a profile removal service with a direct link to the page or exact screen that includes the deactivation option.

EliminarTuCuenta gets the tedious process of undoing an account or deleting a profile is done with a single click in less than a minute.

Sometimes, when there is no cancellation option, we offer the specific information that allows to process the drop of the profile directly with the owner of the platform or service.